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SRAM 11-Speed Introduction

SRAM, as a brand, has had an interesting story. They got their start when a couple of guys in Chicago came up with a new design for some mountain bike shifters. They got a few of them built, then drove around to races in the area selling their new gear out of their trunk. Obviously, it must have worked, because after a few years and a lot of hard work, SRAM had become a major player in the mountain bike components market. But that wasn't enough. A few years after that, they gave Shimano and Campagnolo a serious run for their money when they introduced the SRAM Force road group, and their innovative approach to shifting. Eventually, along came Red, and with it ZeroLoss shifting and a whole bunch of UCI Pro Tour victories. But the guys on Kingsbury Avenue have never been known to rest on their laurels. When they introduced SRAM 22 in both Red and Force versions early in 2013, they had released one of the finest road components groups ever. They may not have been first to market with 11-speed, but they took the time to get it right. The result is crisper shifting, True 22 technology and more performance improvements then you could shake a stick at.

We've finally gotten a chance to take a look at some of the new gear, and we break it down for you here. We've only had a look at Red so far, but the Force versions are almost exactly the same, except for some of the materials and a different crank design.


When it comes to bike-rider interface, few things are as important than the shift levers. Just as the wrong saddle can turn even the shortest rides into a nightmare, having poorly designed levers can turn an enjoyable ride into a mire of frustration. SRAM levers have long been lauded for their comfort and adjustability. They were among the first road levers to have adjustable reach, so they work for hands big and small. With SRAM Red 22, SRAM has taken their best levers and kicked things up a notch.


  • 11-speed DoubleTap shift technology makes it easier than ever to shift
  • ZeroLoss technology eliminates shift paddle play for crisper, more accurate shifting
  • ErgoDynamics technology updates the shape, feel and adjustability of the levers for SRAM's best feeling levers yet
  • Updated clamp design for improved compatibility with carbon and ergo bars



The crown jewel of any groupset is the rear derailleur, and the SRAM Red 22 11-speed Short Cage Rear Derailleur doesn't disappoint. Superficially it keeps the same aesthetic appearance as the 2012 SRAM Red 10-speed rear derailleur, but the guts are all new for quieter, more precise, and smoother shifting.

  • 11-speed rear derailleur is compatible with SRAM Red 22 and Force 22 components
  • Exact Actuation with True 22 technology for faster, more precise shifting
  • Larger B knuckle allows for shifting up to a 28T cog
  • Redesigned spring-fixed barrel adjuster makes it easy to adjust tension on the fly
  • New chain pulley cage precisely manages chain movement
  • Titanium pinch bolt shaves off the grams


The SRAM Red 22 front derailleur takes the Yaw to the next evolutionary level. It's been updated and optimized to work with the new, thinner 11-speed chain and chainrings found in the SRAM 22 line. The fundamental workings remain the same, so you can still shift into any gear combination without experiencing chain rub, and the derailleur exerts a powerful shift that makes changing gears feel easy. The integrated chain-catcher helps prevent dropped chains, so you can have a little more confidence trying to get down to the little ring in case you mistimed your opportunity to shift before the big hill.


  • Optimized for use with SRAM X GlideR chainrings
  • For use with SRAM 22 11-speed chain and cranksets
  • Lightweight integrated chain catcher adjusts independently of the derailleur and prevents the chain from dropping off the inner chainring
  • Revolutionary yaw cage rotates to maintain constant alignment with the chain for faster, more precise shifting with no need for trimming
  • Cage is fabricated from a steel/aluminum combination for strength and durability
  • Precision markings indicate proper installation and set-up for best performance


The SRAM Red 22 Exogram crankset takes all the innovative breakthroughs that SRAM has made over the years and condenses them down into the lightest, stiffest crankset they've ever made. It may look like the 10-speed Exogram crankset, but it's been updated with new graphics and new, thinner 11-speed Glide R chainrings to work perfectly with the SRAM Red 22 Yaw front derailleur.


  • The new SRAM Red crankset is SRAM's stiffest crankset ever. Exogram technology features a large, hollow cross-section all the way to the spider, minimizing weight and maximizing stiffness
  • Chainring bolt positioned on backside of crankarm lightens and stiffens crank
  • Stiffer X Glide R chainrings feature thicker construction and advanced shift timing pins and ramps for smoother, more precise shifts
  • Chainrings have been made thinner to work with new 11-speed chains
  • Compatible with SRAM Yaw 22 front derailleur only




The SRAM Red 22 11-speed chain is specially engineered to work with the new SRAM 22 groups. The chain is narrower to fit the smaller spacing between the cogs on the 11-speed cassettes, and the outer plates have been heavily chamfered to improve shifting and run more quietly.


  • 11-speed chain is narrower to fit the tighter spacing on the 11-speed cassette
  • PowerChain II technology increases strength and shifting precision
  • PowerLube high performance grease keeps the chain running quietly and protects links and pins from wear
  • HollowPin technology with chrome hardened pins increases chain life and decreases weight
  • PowerLock connecting link makes installation easy


The all-new SRAM XG1190 11-speed cassette is forged from a hollow steel dome, making it possibly the stiffest gear cluster out, and one of the lightest. It's crafted form heat-traded, high-grade tool steel that outlasts most competitors high-end cassettes when it comes to durability, and gives it a good looking, matte metallic finish that highlights the rugged beauty of SRAM's new 22 groups. The alloy ring has been made lighter, stiffer and stronger so when it's time to really hammer on the pedals, you can be sure that you'll have a gear that can deliver what you need it to.


  • 11-speed cassette gives you more gearing options to choose from
  • X-Glide technology enables smoother shifting, even under power
  • Hollow forged dome makes the cassette one of the lightest and stiffest on the market
  • StealthRing elastomer bands help keep the cassette smooth and silent



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