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Buyers Guide: Fuji SST

If you were looking for the oldest bike brands, it might surprise you to know that Fuji would be among them. Fuji Bicycles has been helping riders conquer their mountains since 1899, and to this day they’ve continued to develop some of the most cutting-edge bikes on the market. The Fuji stable of products is enormous, with everything from high-end road bikes, to race-winning mountain bikes, cruisers, comfort bikes and everything in between. Obviously that's too much to deal with in a single article, so in this series we'll break down Fuji's road line up to help you decide which machine is right for you.



If you’re a rider who has an unabashed need for speed, then the Fuji SST is a bike that’s right up your alley. This bike was built to be a pedal-powered rocket, and delivers uncompromising performance.  

The Fuji SST first debuted under the riders of the Footon team (we’d recommend a Google search to see the infamous team kits) during the Tour de France. The swoopy, graceful carbon fiber frames looked fast and aggressive, and indeed they proved to be.

The SST is Fuji’s straight up speed machine. The arched tubes, reinforced internal structure, and compressed geometry are a sprinters delight, and will best serve criterium racers and enthusiasts who like to go fast. These stiff, responsive, fast bikes are designed to take every bit of rider input and turn it into speed. They are not designed to keep you comfortable during an 8 hour day in the saddle, but with the Fuji SST you might be able to turn that 8 hour ride into a 6 hour jaunt.

There are several different models of the SST to choose from, depending on your preferences, riding level, and budget. Fuji usually numbers their models beginning at either 1.0 or 1.1. The lower the number, the higher-end the bike. LE denotes a Limited Edition bike-- usually the result of a collaboration between Fuji and Performance Bicycles. SL stands for Super Light, the lightest bike in Fuji's line-up for that particular year.

  • SST 1.3: Pro-level bike delivers all-out sprinting performance. The tight wheel base, C10 high modulus carbon fiber frame with Reinforced I-Beam (RIB) technology, and Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic drive train make this a perfect bike for those who hate coming in second.


  • SST 2.0 LE: The SST 2.0 is the result of an extensive collaboration between Fuji and Performance Bicycles. This is a bike for the racer or fast enthusiast who wants that town line sprint so bad he can taste it. The C5 high modulus carbon fiber with RIB reinforcement, tapered head tube, and Shimano Ultegra components make this an excellent value to MPH buy.


  • SST 2.3:  If you’re looking to upgrade your current race bike, or getting ready to start your racing career. The C5 high modulus carbon fiber frame, tapered headtube, pressfit BB86 bottom bracket and Shimano 105 components make this a perfect go-fast machine at an excellent value.


  • SST 3.0 LE: Another Fuji-Performance Bike collaboration, this is an excellent bike for riders ready to graduate to a new level of racing. The C5 high modulus carbon fiber frame, tapered headtube, pressfit BB86 bottom bracket and a combination of Shimano 105 and FSA components make an excellent bike for those discovering the joys of speed.


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