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Diamondback Bicycles AMMP+ORC // Light, Strong & Responsive

DIAMONDBACK is a company with bold ideals. They have high demands and are steadfast in a quest to produce the best bikes in the world. This philosophy is infused in everything they do to ensure that they always remain true to their core values.

DIAMONDBACK’S PODIUM CARBON COMPETITION ROAD SERIES is one example. It offers breathtaking aesthetics married with exceptional performance. Now, they’ve taken their experience working with carbon fiber to a new level. Through years of testing, analysis and design, they’ve developed a platform for the finest racers in the world—and made it accessible to the weekend warrior.

They continually strive to make an incredible product, better. That is the DIAMONDBACK DESIGN PHILOSOPHY.

The AMMP SL frame is a lighter version of our CARBON COMPETITION frame. The difference is the addition of higher modulus material which is stronger with greater elongation and tensile strength. Adding these properties makes the frame thinner while maintaining and increasing stiffness because of the additional material properties. Because it’s thinner, it’s lighter.


The DIAMONDBACK PODIUM is handmade using their ADVANCED MONOCOQUE MOLDING PROCESS (AMMP). AMMP ensures that each piece of carbon ply is laid precisely where their engineers want it. These carbon plies are hand-wrapped around a polystyrene pre-form core, using a plastic bladder in the shape of the product. To achieve a precise mold during this layup process, they surround the emerging product with a plastic cavity, which guarantees a perfect fit. SILICONE MANDREL SHELLS are then used to reinforce critical joint areas so as to create smoother overlapping fibers at vital junctions such as the head tube and the bottom bracket. Each silicone shell is joined together prior to placing the product in the steel mold. In this final mold, they use a proprietary coating for optimal fiber adhesion.


Their signature OPTIMIZED RESIN COMPOUND is used to bind the carbon fibers together with precision alignment during the heating process. Using too much resin makes a frame feel heavy and sluggish. Too little resin can result in fiber separation and frame failure. Optimizing their resin-to-fiber ratio allows them to enhance their ratio of material weight-to-strength. The result is an exceptionally light weight, impact-resistant frame.


DIAMONDBACK’S CONTINUOUS FIBER TECHNOLOGY uses full length carbon strands extending from the top of the steer tube to the bottom of the drop outs. Using that same AMMP technology employed in the Podium frame, they’ve created one of the stiffest forks available. With a lower integrated crown race that’s completely carbon, they’ve eliminated the need for a separate aluminum race. This makes the overall system lighter, stronger and more responsive.


Their CLEAN CORE TECHNOLOGY ensures a clean inner core devoid of rough edges or excess material. When the product mold goes into the heat press, the air bladders are pressurized within the polystyrene pre-form core. This fills out the interior crevices and forces the fibers to conform to the shape. The heat softens the carbon plies making them malleable to the mold, and the excess resin is forced out. This makes for a product with light and consistent weight throughout, and produces a smooth surface— inside as well as out.


Closed Circuit Cable routing provides a clean, uncluttered, and sleek finish to the frame


  CONTINUOUS FIBER TECHNOLOGY // Creates a strong and stiff front end for increased stability.  


  CARBON REPLACEABLE FRONT DERAILLEUR HANGER // Lightweight and easy to mount in the correct position… every time.  


  CARBON DROPOUT // In-mold compressed carbon drop outs with a replaceable aluminum derailleur hanger.  





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