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Diamondback Bicycles Knucklebox Design Philosophy

Diamondback’s Design Philosophy is a no-nonsense approach to building quality bicycles. They want their bike designs to be straightforward: their hardware accessible and their suspension simple.

The Knuckle Box, or bell crank, is the core of our single-pivot four-bar suspension platform. Optimally placed pivots equate to a low leverage ratio, and ultimately to superior pedaling efficiency and small-bump compliance.

Placing the Knuckle Box low within the frame, situates the greatest weight of the bike closer to the bottom bracket, which lowers the bike’s center of gravity and allows it to better track and corner. Wheel-rate is one of the most significant aspects of a suspension design.

Wheel-rate is the effective spring-rate when measured at the wheel. A benefit of our four-bar linkage is increased control over the wheel-rate. Obtaining the spring-rate curves in shocks from Fox is necessary to allowing us to determine the wheel-rate. Working closely with Fox, we’re able to optimize the wheel-rate to be linear-to-slightly progressive. This results in superb small-bump compliance, more perceived travel and excellent bottom-out protection.

The Knucklebox platform was designed specifically to be low and tight:

Low Center of Gravity - All suspension parts are positioned farther down on the frame for a stable and balanced ride.

Low Leverage Suspension Design - Lower air pressure results in longer shock life, less frame loading and better pedaling.

Tight Compact Linkage System - of the Knuckle Box bell crank isolates and cradles the rear shock.

Tight and Large Anodized Aluminum Hardware - matched with Force-Rated Enduro Max Bearings: Withstands higher loads and better handles oscillating motion.




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