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GT Bicycle’s Angle Optimized Suspension System

GT’s I-Drive suspension system is synonymous with efficiency and high performance. So why change? Simply put, even good things can get better.


Introducing AOS
Angle Optimized Suspension is a completely new design for 27.5”/650b mountain bikes.


What is AOS?

  • A no-nonsense pedaling and suspension performance system
  • Features optimized bump compliance
  • Delivers more efficient pedaling
  • Decreases the angle of response



The PathLink

To achieve the wheel path GT wanted, a high single pivot was necessary. There were many challenges associated with the pivot placement, but the development of the PathLink allowed GT to control exactly how they wanted the system to work.


What does the PathLink do?

  • Allows for the use of a High Single Pivot to achieve a rearward arcing wheelpath
  • Delivers the pedaling performance of I-Drive
  • Optimizes the bottom bracket path
  • Controls chain growth
  • Minimalizes unwanted pedal feedback


The AOS system is available in two series: the 2014 GT Sensor Bikes and 2014 GT Force Bikes. In addition to AOS and PathLink technologies, the 27.5” Sensor and Force bikes include:

  • Thru-axle pivots throughout the frame design (15mm hollow axles)
  • Dual Outboard bearings:  wide stance and dual bearings for improved stiffness and durability on the most rearward pivot
  • 12x142 rear axle for increased wheel tracking and suspension efficiency
  • Stealth dropper post ready for added versatility and a clean look
  • GT’s COR philosophy of Long Front Center: Improved stability and handling by lengthening the wheelbase without affecting reach
  • A Low Center Of Mass:  maximum stability on both climbing and descending terrain.


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