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Club Ride Apparel Brand Introduction

Most cyclists own two sets of clothes: lycra or other technical clothes for riding, and then clothes for everything else. This is fine for the serious roadie or trail rider, but in the spring of 2008, Mike Herlinger began wondering why he should have to change clothes after a ride. He had just finished riding some single track, and was running late to meet some friends. After rushing home to change, he looked at one of his vintage Western shirts and began imagining if it were made from a technical, moisture wicking fabric.

From that seed of an idea, Club Ride was born. The idea behind Club Ride is that cycling apparel can be technical, function and stylish. Over the next year, Mike and his buddies refined their designs and expanded their creative thinking to jeans, shorts and more.


Through extensive product testing on Idaho’s mountain trails and long urban commutes, they developed innovative features like NoCrackBack jeans, which have a higher cut waist in the back to keep you decent while you’re in the drops. They added subtle reflective accents to shirts and tried going from the bike to the office in their clothing.


Eventually, they decided Club Ride was ready for the big time, and they began manufacturing the line of clothing they developed. Using only the highest quality technical fabrics that wick away sweat, stretch to fit your movement, and feature practical innovations like a reinforced, seamless crotch to keep you comfortable.


Here are some of the fabrics that Club Ride has developed to suit city commuters, mountain bikers and urban riders:



  • Solid colors now 25% lighter
  • Turbo dry wicking properties
  • Durable, grease is non-sticking
  • Mixed with mesh for cooling



  • Sport Denim 2% lycra
  • 2-way stretch
  • Pre-washed fabric
  • Dries quicker than standard denim



  • Performance fabric 9% lycra 
  • 4-way stretch 
  • Quick-dry wicking properties 



  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Carbonized bamboo blend
  • Quick-dry wicking fabric
  • 2-way stretch



  • Technical blend sport fabric
  • Natural feel, yet durable
  • Ultra-breathable for comfort
  • Offered with graphics and print



  • Wind- and water-repellant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Minimalist packing ability



Club Ride is a line of apparel for the everyday cyclist. The rider who appreciates performance features, but still wants to look good once they get off the bike. To see our full collection of Club Ride apparel, click here.



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