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Removing and Installing A Bike Cassette

Maybe your cassette is worn out and it’s time for a new one. Maybe you need an easier gear for an upcoming hill climb event. Or maybe you just want to take it off and clean it. Whatever the case, removing and installing a cassette is a simple procedure as long as you have the right tools.



Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing and installing a cassette. Tools required include a chain whip, a cassette lock ring tool and a crescent wrench. 

  1. Remove your wheel.

  2. Place the chain whip over the largest cog of your cassette. 

  3. Affix the lock ring tool to your cassette, making sure there is enough distance between the chain whip and the lock ring tool to apply leverage.

  4. Push both tools until the cassette lock ring loosens. If your lock ring tool does not have a handle, use your crescent wrench to turn it. Now the cassette is ready to come off your wheel’s hub body.

  5. Grab the inside and outside cogs and press them together, then slide off the cassette, holding the individual rings in place.

  6. To put the cassette back on, start by lining up the cogs. Next find the series of splines on the hub. They will all be the same width except one that is wider and one that is narrower. This is the key to lining up the cassette so that it will slide back on. You can do this one cog at a time or all at once. 

  7. Grease the lock ring so it will snug down properly, then use the lock ring tool to tighten it. It has a torque rating of 40 Newton meters, so don’t be afraid to put some force into it.


If you have any questions about removing or installing a cassette, call the Performance Bicycle Spin Doctor product support line at 1-800-553-TECH. Happy riding.


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