Breezer Bikes: Urban Expansion

You know a bicycle manufacturer is well revered when one of their bikes is in the Smithsonian. That’s right. The first Breezer mountain bike ever built in 1977, the Breezer 1, is on display in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C.

Now, the Breezer 1 is not there because it was involved in some bizzare piece of American history. Instead, it was the beginning of the huge mountain biking movement that for decades has cherished innovation, community, and growth. Since 1977 those qualities of Breezer have held on tightly as they expanded their line from mountain bikes to the realms of urban transit bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes. Always reimagining. Always improving.

Their founder, Joe Breeze, is a bit of everything in the cycling industry. He is credited with designing and building the first ever mountain bike (the Breezer 1), he has won more cycling races than we can count on our fingers and toes, he’s an activist for the cycling community, and he has dedicated his life’s work to the advancement of the cycling industry. We're merely glossing over Joe Breeze's accomplishments here and could really devote an entire article to how deep his influence goes in the cycling world.

A recent endeavor of Breezer has proven successful with their creation of Urban Transit Bikes. They answer the call for people who live in the city, but don't want the hassle of owning a car.

They walk to work and want that new job 5 miles away, but don't see the use in walking that distance everyday or existing around a bus schedule.


Their city is spread out, therefore they own a car, but they feel guilty driving down the road just to get coffee or groceries.


Their city's night life is brilliant, but they're constantly torn between walking around with friends or driving.


They stay at home with their kiddo, and yearn for a bit of adventure with them every once in a while.


They could be paying a mortgage instead of their student loans, so they need a way to save a bunch of money throughout the year.

For those of you who live and work in urban areas, you're going to love these bikes. You'll have more capabilities than just riding. You can still travel with your books, your laptop, your groceries, and you can ride some of these Breezers at night. Some of these bikes also do very well on rainy days. Breezer really thought of everything when they built their Urban Transit line. The Breezer models are the Uptown, the Downtown, the Liberty, and the Beltway, and they are overflowing with features that suit city life. 

Still not convinced? Check out our flow chart:

Travel Issue



There are a lot of cars in my city The Beltway comes with a built-in headlight and tail light to increase your visibility on the road. You can avoid that bumper to bumper traffic at 7:30am and 5:30pm while riding your bike
I can't afford a $500-$1000 bike

None of the Breezers require a high monthly payment, oil changes, gas, pricey repairs, or auto taxes.

*Also, check out the Performance Exclusive Villager - You could probably get it in a single paycheck.

All the money you'll save will afford you to pay off other things or treat yourself
I live out of my car. A bike can't carry what I need everyday The Downtown bikes all have a rear rack to carry luggage and you can add a pannier to each side for more storage space. Carrying around your life everyday will help you build muscle and feel great
Bikes aren't fast enough to get me to work on time The Liberty bikes are made with lighter weight materials than the bike from your childhood. Some even come with racing tires. You'll still get to work on time and after riding your morning commute, you'll be energized and ready to tackle anything
Okay, but what about rain? The Beltway bikes come with disc brakes and internally geared hubs, which work flawlessly in the rain. And some also include front and rear fenders to repel water You'll be more comfy than most riders while riding in the rain, and you'll feel proud of your accomplishment
I know how to change a car tire and the oil. I have no idea how to work on a bike The Uptown bikes have a chain guard, and are designed to require little maintenance. Plus, you can always drop by a Performance Bicycles location if you need guidance You won't have to worry about using your Saturday to change the oil. Instead, you can take a ride to your favorite donut shop and enjoy a treat

There are Breezer Urban Transit bikes that solve more than one of these problems. Some have a rear rack, lights, racing tires, and are rain weather ready. And some have only 1 or 2 commuting features, but are very stylish. Everyone's personal preferences and needs will be different, but we think that if you live and work in a city and are willing to give a Breezer Urban Transit bike a chance, that you'll quickly fall in love with it.




Side Note: If you decide to make the conversion to a Breezer, their sizing is 3cm less than traditional bike sizes. For instance, if you measure to match a traditional 57cm road frame, subtract 3cm for a perfect fit with a 54cm Breezer frame.

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