Introducing Marin Bicycles: Discover A New Side To Bikes

Marin County is probably what most of us think of when we think of California. Nestled in the Bay Area, Marin boasts some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the country, as well as some of the best food, wine, and general quality of living around. It's no wonder that out of this West Coast Wonderland came one of the first production mountain bike companies.

Marin Bicycles has been making bikes for a very long time, but while they've pioneered technology in mountain bikes and sponsored professional road racing teams, they've never forgotten their roots-- which is making bikes for people who ride because it's fun.

See, Marin understands that for every rider who is going to race on one of their super high end bikes, there are dozens more who just want something fun and practical to go out and get some exercise or ride with their kids.

If this sounds like you, then Marin's got your back. Far from being a company that puts all their oats in the "serious"  bikes basket, Marin has built their reputation on trickling some of their most cutting edge technology down to even their most affordable bikes. You know, the kind of bikes that most of us pull out on sunny weekend afternoons to go ride the neighborhood with our kids, or cruise the local bike path to get some exercise.

These bikes are designed to be low on maintenance and high on fun and comfort. No matter where you like to ride-- from shredding trails on the Hawk Hill, to redefining what road riding means on a Gestalt, or just cruising the local bike path on a brand new Stinson, there's a Marin out there that will make you feel excited to get out and ride. for the big question: which Marin is right for you?

What kind of riding do you want to do?

Then you need....


I want to get some exercise with road riding


The Marin Argenta Road Bike

It's a super well-spec'ed, comfortable road bike

I've heard about this "gravel grinding"

The Marin Gestalt Gravel Bike

Wide tire clearance, great specs, disc brakes, and a great pricepoint. What's not to love?

I like the idea of bike camping.

I also follow @ultraromance on Instagram

The Marin Four Corners Adventure Bike

The paint.

And it's probably the most practical off-the-shelf touring bike out there right now

I want to try mountain biking

The Marin Bolinas Ridge Mountain Bike

It's a very affordable and capable bike to get you started

I really want to try mountain biking


I want an affordable upgrade to match my new skills

The Marin Hawk Hill Full Suspension Mountain Bike

It's legitimately probably the best value in a full suspension mountain bike on the market

I ride a bike, and the city is my playground

The Marin Fairfax Commuter Bike

It's the ultimate commuter machine. The speed of a road bike, the practicality of a commuter

I occasionally commute to work, but mostly ride on the weekends for fun and exercise

The Marin Muirwoods

It's designed for durability, and is great on either city streets, around the neighborhood, or on the bike path

I like to ride for fun to get some exercise or spend time with my kids

The Marin Larkspur

Comfort is king here, with a focus on making a great and fun bike for casual rides

I like to ride occasionally because it's fun and a great way to get outside

The Marin Stinson

It's an easy to ride bike that is designed to give you more comfort and control, especially at lower speeds

We're pretty big fans of Marin bikes, and we think you will be too. If you have any questions about finding the bike that's right for you, visit your local Performance Bicycle store or call our tech line for assistance.

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