POC Sports Brand Introduction

POC Sports might be one of the biggest things to come out Sweden since assemble-it-yourself shelving. Their helmets have really taken off with the Enduro and XC crowd, but are gaining a lot of traction with mountain bikers of all stripes. The funky retro-futuristic designs have been turning eyes on the trails in the last few years, but don’t get fooled into thinking that these are just your typical helmet in some fancy new dress. POC bicycle helmets were born out of years of research designing head protection for extreme skiers and snowboarders, and incorporate the latest in safety research and materials design to keep riders safe on the trail, and soon, the road.


While every helmet manufacturer takes safety and performance seriously, rarely do they approach it with as much zeal as POC does. After looking at the rapid evolution of skiing, mountain biking and other sports, they realized that a new approach to helmet manufacturing was needed, and they set up POC Labs. Here’s a bit from POC:


"The POC Lab is our scientific forum. It brings together experts who provide us with invaluable assistance in ensuring that we develop the most relevant, reliable and advanced protective products on the market today. The POC Lab enables a close and rewarding collaboration with some of the world’s foremost sports medicine experts, back specialists and brain scientists. As a complement to the POC Lab, we also seek help from materials technologists – and from people such as you who make avid use of our protective gear in practice, ranging from proficient X-game riders to the elite at the World Cup level.

Members of the POC Lab are carefully selected for their unique expertise. Each member shares POC’s mission to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries resulting from accidents."


The result was a line of helmets that draws on some very unique resources and inspirations for the design. While most helmet manufacturers turn to the lab to invent new shapes and designs to protect our heads, POC took a different approach. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, they looked to nature and the human body to see if any natural materials already had the properties they were looking for: lightweight and rigid to protect against impact, yet soft and forgiving to cushion the blow.

It turns out that human trabecular bone, the soft, spongy type of bone found at the ends of the human long bones acts exactly in this way. Trabecular bone has a specific shape and structure that allows it to have a high surface to mass ratio, making it incredibly strong, yet also lightweight and forgiving for improved comfort and protection. This new approach to thinking about helmets resulted in the POC Trabec, one of POC’s most popular MTB helmets. POC helmets are also outfitted with a unique size adjustment system that makes it possible to get a custom fit for almost any shape of head, increasing not only comfort, but safety as well. Because after all, what good is a helmet if it doesn’t stay on you?

Whether you’re looking to tackle some trails in your next endure race, or kicking out some freestyle, POC helmets offer plenty of good looks, backed up with cutting-edge features that help keep you safe and comfortable on your next ride.

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