How To Remove And Install Press Fit Bottom Brackets

Video Summary

Tools Needed:

(For a BB30 Press Fit Bottom Bracket)


To Install Press Fit Bottom Brackets:

  1. Clean the bottom bracket shell with a fine mist of alcohol and a clean rag. (Using alcohol does not leave a residue.)
  2. Install the circlips in the groove in the frame.
  3. Install one bearing, pressing it into the frame until its flush with the circlip.
  4. Put in the last bearing
  5. Install the crank and crank arm and tighten bearings to a snug fit.


To Remove Bearing:

  1. Avoiding the circlip, insert the Bottom Bracket Tool from the other side to drive out the bearing. (The floating adapter will help align and center the tool.)
  2. Using a hammer, drive out the bearing straight and true from the frame.
  3. Move the tool to the other side of the bracket and repeat the process.


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