The Right Tire Pressure for a Mountain Bike

Proper mountain bike tire pressure is critical. Set it too high and traction suffers. Set it too low and you’ll be more susceptible to punctures. To identify the proper inflation range, look on your tire’s sidewall. There you’ll find the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure range, which for mountain bike tires is usually between 30 and 60psi. 

Opt for the lower end of the range, and traction will improve but the tire wont roll quite as fast. Opt for the upper end, and the tire will roll faster but traction will suffer. Try experimenting with different pressures to find the one you like best. Also don’t be afraid to adjust pressure based on trail conditions. On a very rough trail, you’ll appreciate the extra traction and subtle suspension affordable by lower tire pressure. But if you’re riding smooth singletrack, higher pressure can mean faster speeds.

If you have any questions about correct mountain bike tire pressure, call the Performance Bicycle Spin Doctor product support line at 1-800-553-TECH. Happy riding.


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