Fuji Gran Fondo vs. Fuji Altamira Bike Comparison

If you're going to talk the talk, then you should walk the walk. The Fuji Gran Fondo and Altamira carbon road bikes are designed with impeccable style and deliver pure speed with every pedal revolution. Their proprietary Fuji frame and fork technologies are the perfect blend of fashion and function, and each is designed for a specific discipline in cycling. While both frames both have similar modern features, like a tapered head tube and a Press-Fit BB86 bottom bracket shell, their respective geometries differ greatly.


Designed for Endurance Riders 
Using a longer head tube than a traditional race bike, about 10mm on a 55cm frame, the Fuji Gran Fondo creates a slightly more upright rider position in order to stave off upper body fatigue on longer rides. This relaxed geometry creates a more open field of vision to increase the rider’s safety and the longer wheelbase that improves the bikes stability and front end handling. This makes the Gran Fondo ideal for longer rides where comfort is as important as performance.

The Gran Fondo frame is made from Fuji's proprietary high-modulus carbon blend. High-modulus is an engineering term which defines the stiffness of fibers. Therefore, a high-modulus frame has a stiffer blend of fibers which results in less flex and better power transmission. The frame is further refined with a press fit bottom bracket shell and a tapered head tube. An oversized bottom bracket creates more surface area to attach the down and seat tubes, thereby creating a very stiff pedaling area. The larger press fit design also allows Fuji to move the frame material around, thinning out the seat stays and strengthening the chain stays, which puts the carbon where it matters to you most. The tapered head tube stiffens the front end of the bike for better power transmission and improved handling.


Designed for the Ultimate Level of Race Performance  
The Altamira is an ultra-lightweight carbon road bike designed to perform at level when every second is decisive. The Altamira features a shorter headtube than the Gran Fondo, which translates into a lower handlebar position for ideal aerodynamics and a race-appropriate body position. Additionally, a shorter wheelbase optimizes the overall agility of the bike for a faster response time, especially while cornering at speed.

The frame utilizes Fuji's revolutionary High Compaction molding process, ETC chainstays and super-thin seatstays for an ideal combination of efficiency and comfort in an all-around competition grade road platform. The carbon weaving process translates into a frame that is incredibly stiff without adding unnecessary weight. A series of internal molds are used to help smooth the interior walls of the frame in critical areas. This helps eliminate wrinkles in carbon sheets, maximize resin flow for strength and gives the material greater compaction. The Altamira frame has a Press-Fit BB86 bottom bracket for added stiffness and weight savings. The tapered headtube gives the rider better handling and realization of power transmission, while the ETC chainstays add increased compliance and stability, giving the Altamira an unbelievable feel for mile after mile.


The Bottom Line 
When it comes to executing an incredible carbon road bike design, nobody can dial in comfort and performance like Fuji. Both the Gran Fondo and Altamira leverage today’s high technology to deliver the ultimate in performance for any type of ride.


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