The Smart Way to Get Around Campus

It’s pretty much a cliché at this point that the next best thing to being the guy on campus with the car is being buddies with the guy on campus with the car. But what most students don’t think about is that having a car on campus is actually kind of a hassle. When you wake up at 8:54 AM for the 9:00 AM class, you might think you’ll get there faster if you drive, but by the time you negotiate traffic, find a “parking spot” that campus safety doesn’t know about, and run into class, you’d have probably been better off walking. Or, better yet, riding a bike.

Using a bike to get around on campus means that you no longer have to worry about paying for gas or finding a parking spot, and it gives you the ability to get places quickly and the reach to get into town if you need to.

Here’s a quick list of the essentials for riding around campus:

  1. Bike: you can’t ride anywhere if you don’t have any wheels. Performance Bicycle carries a great array of bikes that are perfect for campus.
  2. Helmet: college knowledge is expensive, protect that investment with a quality lid
  3. Bag or Panniers: textbooks, notebooks and laptops are heavy, a decent bag or pannier set makes it easy to tote that stuff around
  4. Clothing: there’s nothing wrong with riding in your street clothes, but there’s a wide range of cycling clothing you can choose from that can keep you cool and dry on your ride to class
  5. Lock: Sadly, bike theft can be a problem around campus, but investing in a quality lock can keep your ride safe
  6. Lights: just because you can see cars doesn’t mean they can see you. Mount lights on your bike to ensure you can get around campus safely.

In many ways the bike is the perfect around campus vehicle. For more tips on commuting to class or your campus job, check out some of our other articles on commuting. 

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